Religion of Peace, Ten Days Four Attacks

I was going to keep updating my original article Reset the counter but I ran out of headline space for updates. We have now had four attacks in just over ten days by Islamic extremist. Continue reading “Religion of Peace, Ten Days Four Attacks”


Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor

Last week a huge coalition of American patriots rallied in Berkeley to defend free speech. It’s no surprise communist militia AntiFa were on the scene attempting to shut it down. Continue reading “Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor”

French Election: Le Pen Supporters Get The Trump Treatment


The tactics being deployed by globalists and leftists against Le Pen and Front National supporters are exactly the same as those used to oppose Brexit and Trump. Here are some parallels (and warning signs for Le Pen supporters to look out for), plus a quick who’s who of the French election for anyone getting up to speed.

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