Welcome to Counter Collective News

Welcome to Counter Collective,

The current political paradigm is not just shifting. It’s absolutely shattering.

Citizen journalism enabled by social media prevents the left’s globalist media conglomerate from maintaining its grip on false narratives. The elites are losing and they’re furious. They will stop at nothing to maintain control of your opinion. Fortunately the rage of the public is palpable. We are a thousand-headed hydra. For every voice the establishment censors, another ten will rise.

The Counter Collective is a platform for these voices. We are dedicated to aggressively pushing back against the left’s tyrannical incursion into every sphere of life. The dishonest media, ideologues in the academy, and traitorous politicians – no one should feel safe from scrutiny in the age of new media.

We will do whatever we can to speak truth to power and equip you to do the same – whether that’s fighting the ctrl-Left in comment threads or nutty professors in the classroom. We are committed to delivering the unvarnished truth.

The Counter Collective team is comprised of a diverse group of Aussie patriots. Unlike the leftwing definition of diverse (which just means people who look different but think the same), we’re a truly diverse group. As such, we won’t always agree. Expect a wide range of opinion.

The Counter Collective team

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