Is Pauline Hanson the only politician that will listen to the Australian public?

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson appears to be under-fire by the media as seen in TheGuardian for doing the unthinkable; listening to the Australian public and conveying their views and concerns.

Originally Pauline was for cuts to Sunday penalty rates but after speaking to members of the public on the streets and in her office; she has changed her stance to reflect the views of the public.

Pauline announced this on video on her facebook page last Monday (27 March) where she stated she would oppose cuts to Sunday penalty rates, and will back tax cuts only for businesses with annual turnover of $50m or less to help give small businesses a chance for growth.

Pauline’s statement is as below or found directly on her facebook page.

“After listening to people coming through my office, and on the streets, and back home over the weekend, and in the lead up to this, generally, the majority of the public do not want a cut to penalty rates on weekends.
You’ve got my support. I’ve listened, and this is what you want, and I will not support any cuts to the penalty rates.
On the other hand with company tax, yes, I do support a cut there because small businesses have to be supported. We have to drive this economy. We have to give people the confidence to actually want to go into industries, manufacturing, create jobs, and the farming sector as well.
This hopefully will flow on and it will help industries and manufacturing. Now the company tax cuts are for businesses up to $50m turnover. I don’t support the government’s $100m, I think that’s too far gone, too over the top, and I don’t support that. Up to $50m we will support.
So to all of you out there, this is what One Nation stands for.”

Archived TheGuardian ~ April 03, 2017


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