Continued Radicalisation of Australian Schools

An ongoing investigation at a Punchbowl high school in New South Wales has again raised serious questions about the rise of Islamic radicalisation in classrooms across Australia. 

School principle Chris Griffiths and his deputy Joumana Dennaoui were fired for refusing to implement a government sponsored deradicalisation program at the school. However as reported by the Daily Mail, the duo could be reinstated if they successfully challenge the NSW Department of Education at the Industrial Relations Commission for unfair dismissal.

Chris Griffiths, interestingly himself a recent convert to Islam is accused of forcing students to partake in prayer sessions, refusing to shake hands with women in the school, instructing students to not corporate with the police and fostering disharmony amongst the teaching fraternity.

All of this comes amongst more startling claims by teachers in the same district that students as young as ten are becoming radicalised, with some even forcing classmates to read the Koran, and routinely threatening beheadings.

There is a concerted effort by social justice groups to undermine the effectiveness of the NSW government’s deradicalisation program and these particular claims. Their main arguments are it alienates Muslim teens, the incidents are isolated, and all of this focus on minorities goes against our democratic values. This is all of course in stark contrast to the fact authorities know of at least 20 young people from Sydney’s west alone that have joined ISIS.

If schools in our country needing a deradicalisation program wasn’t alarming enough, the refusal of at-risk schools to implement preventative policies puts into serious doubt our ability to combat the scourge of radical ideology infecting our communities.


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