Susan Rice responsible for “wiretaps” (UPDATE)

More evidence has come to light showing Susan Rice, Obama’s director of national security unmasking communications between Trumps team including his family.Here is the kicker, the Obama administration started collecting and widely sharing unmasked classified information with the media even before Trump was nominated Republican nominee.

My prediction is that over  the coming weeks evidence will show that the Obama administration also spied on other conditions like Ted Cruz and dr. Ben Carsons. During the campaign Clinton and 6 of her staff still retained access to classified information despite not being in office for over 18 months.

The democrats are pushing the Russian connection to Trump but to date has not provided a single piece of evidence. Considering they have been spying on Trump, his team and his family its ironic that they have not yet found the smoking gun needed to end Trump.

Being one report away from Obama, its not hard to imagine the former president has a hand in this. Obama is known for using state resources against the opposition parties.

Update: for those thinking this is a non-story, Susan Rises new spokes person is Erin Pelton. Pelton works for Mercury a crisis management company.

Update: Sources told Fox news that Rice had a detailed report pack that had all sorts of information, not just calls

Source Daily Caller


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