The Great Divide

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Choose your fighter, Australia

Society is splitting into two camps. This is more than the petty left/right dichotomy of yore, when a mundane disagreement over policy placed you firmly somewhere on the spectrum with little to no social cost. This is a divide between globalists and nationalists, as evidenced by the two greatest political events of our age (so far): Brexit and Trump.

Which side you find yourself on depends entirely on how aware you are that such a divide even exists. The left abandoned its traditional roots as champion the working class while doubling down on ideology that is necessary to maintain a new coalition of feminists, socialists, corporatists, statists, Islamists, and globalists.

The very public emotional meltdown of Remoaners and #NotMyPresident Pussyhats seems hysterical and infantile to any moderate observer. But the crybullies have spent years blocking anyone who threatens their convictions. Reality hit them like a tidal wave. These people are shaken to their core. Their visceral fear, although based on falsities, is very real.

The left has spent the last decade fetishising the size of their block list. Never mind your actual position. Merely discussing certain issues was enough to get you exiled from the public square, shamed, ridiculed, and silenced. While they’d been blocking and muting and congratulating one another on their relentless demonisation of the Cis-Gender, Heterosexual, White Male Patriarchy, the right had been reforming.

What emerged was an energised and aggressive new right willing to fight back with absolutely no regard to the stultifying codes of conduct leftists have tried to impose on others and successfully impose upon themselves. It’s as if the left fell into slumber almost a decade ago. The Bush Years were over. They finally had their First Black President. Next would be the First Female President. The progressive march to ever-greater “progress” was unstoppable. To question your government was now racist. To question the next nominee was sexist. Sure, during this period drug abuse, alcoholism and suicide were skyrocketing but to the liberal mind that was just symptoms of The Struggle of the “oppressed”.

The left was (and is) still interpreting reality through Marxist intersectional class conflict theory, although most of them are too dumb to recognise the intellectual framework within which they operate (a sad indictment of Western education). It’s no exaggeration to say the left now “lives in an alternative reality”. This isn’t hyperbole.

This is our advantage in the battle of ideas. Knowing your enemy is key to victory. The left still believes they’re fighting the old right, what they might term “pale, male and stale”. What little they do know of this growing movement they got from Hillary Clinton when she hilariously tried to simultaneously define the “Alt Right” and categorise the entire conservative opposition as such. She warned “the kids” about a frog meme (with such stern sincerity as to evoke an evangelocon at the height of the Satanic Panic) before telling them to “Pokémon Go to the polls”. Barf.

Unlike the old right who were willing to play on the left’s field by the left’s rules enforced by the left’s language, we reject their entire premise. Cuckservatives are failing to conserve anything. Prime Cuck Malcolm Trumble we’re looking at you. In the immortal words of Andrew Breitbart, “Politics is downstream from culture.” And culture is oppressive and bleak right now.

The fight for a free Australia is only just beginning.


2 thoughts on “The Great Divide

    1. Divide and conquer. I’d love to have actual discussion with the left but I think it’s pointless. “You can’t reason people out of a position they didn’t reason themselves into”.


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