20 Times The News Was Fake

Hillary Clinton coined the term “Fake News”. Big mistake. Yuge.

Wherever you are on the political spectrum, you deserve to know the lamestream media is not on your side. That’s why all the best, most accurate news coverage now comes from independent voices on the internet. Just take a look at a few examples of the way the media lies to you. Most of us don’t read beyond the headlines but we all notice the massive inconsistencies in their coverage from week to week. Huge shoutout to Reddit user u/ShitsInYourSafeSpace for sourcing many of these examples. At least we can all laugh at the lies, mistruths, misdirections, and distractions the dying, legacy media tries to get you to swallow.

  1. That time CNN lied about First Lady Melania ditching Akie AbeCNN falsely reports that FLOTUS was not meeting with Akie Abe during Japan visit.png
  2. When 30 people died in a gas attack but CNN was like “TRUMP EATS CHICKEN WRONG”CNN reports on Trump eating KFC with fork, as poisonous gas attack scrolls by in small text
  3. When Abby Phillip lied about Hillary’s “crowds”CNN's Abby Phillip caught misrepresenting Hillary's crowd sizes
  4. When MSNBC was like “only WE can share stories of grief reeeeee!”aqU2Tav
  5. When HuffPo denied biological reality…except when it suited themduxI9q4g
  6. When CNBC just ignored the 34 hand grenade attacks in Sweden in 2016 alone Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 1.35.29 pm.png
  7. When Slate just lost its damn mindF2QdRbWg
  8. When Associated Press made up facts for their “fact check”JFy7Sw3.jpg
  9. When Hillary was chucked into a van like a side of beef and WaPo cucks finally had to admit her convulsionsNFkGjyng.jpg
  10. So which is it Slate? There’s a big differencenU5MNPz.jpg
  11. CNN: Lol no hacking. Also CNN: MUH RUSSIAN HACKING!!!!The election can't be hacked vs. Where's the outrage about hacking?
  12. The failing New York Times says the globalists who don’t exist are besiegedUzxZd8o.jpg
  13. Philly.com wants to play with the big dogs but pisses like a puppyz0PCqDl
  14. Barry The Bomber did a full 180 on the hacking story2si.jpg
  15. WaPo only likes the truth when it helps3y0.jpg
  16. Hillary in white? APPROVED! Melania in white? DENIED DENIED DENIED! 4c7
  17. When Salon showed they’re the real bigots9pkX0tq
  18. When CNN lied about Nancy Sinatra…and got BUSTED48l.jpg
  19. When The Guardian wanted you to stop talking about white male issues YOU FUCKING WHITE MALEbLSwx99g.jpg
  20. When CNN failed to realise the mainstream media is the real Fake News


Got any more? Drop ’em in the comments.


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