Australian Military Chief On Gender Diversity Warpath

Former Chief of Army David Morrison dons her high heels to protest violence, 2016

The Australian military is fighting an internal war it shouldn’t have entered in the first place. Tyrannical political correctness ensures gender diversity continues to be prioritised over skill and merit. According to Australian military defence chief, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, gender diversity is essential to the future success of the military. Really? 


Addressing a gathering of women at the inaugural Women and National Security Conference in Canberra yesterday he said, “Right now 57 percent of my personal staff are women. This is no mistake. In fact, I hand choose everyone for that office.”

“A diverse workforce is all about capability. The greater our diversity, the greater the range of ideas and insights to challenge the accepted norm, assess the risks, see them from a different perspective, and develop creative solutions.”

As warm and fuzzy as all of this appeasement rhetoric sounds, many within the military feel disenfranchised by the continued focus on gender equality at the expense of recruitment and promotion based on competence, skills, and merit.

Over the past decade, there has been a concerted effort to change the ‘culture’ of the Australian military. Soldiers and military personnel who should be concentrating on defending our nation on the battlefield are now regularly bombarded with pseudo-scientific indoctrination covering topics such as “bias and  unconscious bias”, “gender equality”, and “Islamic conversion testimony”.

It recently came to light via whistleblower that female only information sessions, female only job assessment days, and free fitness training for females is all but commonplace at Defence Force Recruiting. They also allege that “Defence Force Recruiting has stopped males joining particular jobs which are open only to females,” this includes key roles in infantry and artillery.

The long term effects of this are worrying to many. PC culture should be kept the hell away from infiltrating our armed forces as the threat of ISIS and global conflict loom ever closer.



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