Trump Strikes Syria. Redhats Furious.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 2.59.16 pm.pngFor six years, we’ve been force fed propaganda designed to get Western citizens to open our hearts and national borders to Syrian refugees. Another propaganda operation is now guiding hundreds of millions of people into supporting a war that would make Iraq look like playtime.

First it was little Aylan Kurdi. I don’t need to show you the image. His dead body is seared into our collective consciousness. Then came Omran Daqneesh a.k.a. Syrian Ambulance Boy.

Both images sent open borders agitators into over-drive throughout the Western world. Facebook feeds exploded with desperate cries to #BringThemHere and chants of “no borders, no nations, stop the deportations” from the entire refugee industry.

Make no mistake it’s an industry, comprised of professional activists whose incomes are directly reliant on your wallet opening every time they bypass your cerebral cortex and flood your limbic system with fresh war porn. Were you wondering why the anti-war left disappeared seemingly overnight? They all realised the anti-war position was a guaranteed financial loser, while the open-border position presented a highly profitable business model. You could say the left has created an efficient subsidiary of the military-industrial complex specialising in legal human trafficking.

As an aside: Asylum Seeker Resource Centre raked in over $7m in donations last year. Over $2.5m of which came from “grants”. Our politicians obviously don’t have an issue funding our displacement with our own tax dollars. Source.

Despite having zero evidence that Assad was behind this chemical attack, we’re witnessing a mobilisation of the very forces Trump was elected to crush, spurred on by images of dying children filmed by Al-Qaeda’s Oscar-winning propagandists The White Helmets. How convenient they were on the scene, ready to film.

See it doesn’t matter to the globalist warhawks if Assad attacked his own people with Sarin gas or not. The only thing that matters is that Western citizenry believes he did. That way the demands for regime change come from the very body politic who will ultimately have to suffer the burden of another flood of fugees.

Ten hours after speculation that a US Military response in Syria could happen imminently, Trump launched 59 tomahawk missiles. The target? The airfield where Assad’s supposed chemicals weapons were stored.

The #NeverTrump crowd immediately praised military action.

These are the very people who branded Trump a dangerous fascist dictator who shouldn’t have access to the nukes, but are all too thrilled with his very first strike.

They called him incompetent, juvenile, and irresponsible. Now they demand he navigate yet another insane regime change in the Middle East.

“We will no longer surrender this country or its people to the false song of globalism” was the promise that put Trump into office. Unfortunately, this missile strike looks a lot like globalism.

We know the first casualty of war is the truth, but whatever comes out in the coming days may not be enough to get some of the passengers we lost today back on the Trump Train.


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