Census Triggers SJWs

0According to the latest Census results, the “typical” Aussie is a married 38 year old, woman born in Australia to married, heterosexual parents. She completed high school, has two children of her own (with a biologically male husband), and lives in a three bedroom home in which she does between 5 and 14 hours of housework per week.

Being the special snowflakes that they are, Social Justice Warriors hate the idea that anything or anyone might be typical. Watch the salty tears flow as luvvies produce diatribes about “structural sexism” as evidenced by “typical Aussie men” doing less than 5 hours of “unpaid” housework per week.

My prediction is feminists will immediately jump on this new data to declare any woman who chooses to raise a family instead of slave away for corporations is being “oppressed” by “patriarchal heteronormativity”. Don’t be fooled. It’s just the new way of saying “the workers of the world must be liberated from the family unit”.

They don’t care about women at all. Feminists are merely useful idiots for the ever-growing State to drive more bodies onto the tax farm.

We’ll give the butthurt brigade this one small concession: the 2016 Census was a disaster so the data may not be reflective of the current populace. Regardless, the truth is mothers are the most important people on earth. It’s time we honoured them again.

See more 2016 Census results here.


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