‘F**k Jesus’: Muslims attack Christian couple on Sydney Train

e2d1c3b03c4a569e987d9d959480bc71Miranda Devine covered this story in detail, but what stands out to me is the total silence from Australian media and their resident Islamophiles.

Six Muslims attacked a man and his girlfriend on what may as well be renamed The Muslim Line. They ripped the crucifix from his neck, stomped on it and screamed “F**k Jesus”. Transit officers did nothing (another big surprise).

A quick scan of the 7, 9, 10, ABC and SBS websites returns exactly ZERO stories on the attack. Now please tell me how hysterical these same outlets would be for weeks on end if this attack had been perpetrated by six Christians (or in fact anyone) on a Muslim couple (which as we know from experience would probably be a hoax anyway).

Mariam “I’ll Ride With You” Veiszadeh would list the attack on her Islamophobia Register of The Enemies of Allah.

Yassmin Abdel-Magied would be on a special bumper edition of QandAllah (no doubt with marching orders from her PR consultants‎ Hizb ut-Tahrir).

Prime Cuck Trumble would bleat about “diversity” and “our shared values”.

The entire Labor zoo would be squawking about tolerance… loudest of course would be Fake Muslim Sam Dastyari and “De-radicalisation Expert” Anne Azza Aly.

Little Wally would yet again lecture Australia from his personal soapbox, The Project.

And every single one of them, to a person, would find a way to blame the “right wing” generally and Pauline Hanson specifically.

How much longer can we deny the many, many failures of multiculturalism?

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3 thoughts on “‘F**k Jesus’: Muslims attack Christian couple on Sydney Train

  1. It’s a shame that US media outlets gave this more attention.

    What is driving this hypocrisy? Why all this protection for Islam that hates us to its core? Who is driving the media into a protectionist tool for Islam. WHy is the public not outraged at its own media keep it in the dark?


  2. Well, there are many reasons to believe that the story is fake.

    1- No evidence for it (It’s a claim without any proof).

    2- Muslims revere prophets of God and consider them the top human beings chosen by God to deliver his message on earth. Jesus is one of the 5 messangers of Ulu’l-azm which refers to the messengers of God who possessed strong will and perseverance in fulfilling the duties commanded by God.


    1. 1 – It was confirmed by police to The Daily Telegraph.
      2 – I’m well aware that Jesus is one of many prophets in Islamic doctrine, but Islam demands adherence to the teachings one specific prophet above all others. And therein lies the problem.


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