Sydney Writer’s Festival is going to be amazing (it’s not)

Sydney Writer’s Festival is pushing the poz bigly. On the ideological menu this year: slavery, migrants, open borders, intersectional feminism, diversity, safe spaces, globalism, refugees, and Nasty Women.

It’s basically going to be a Pussyhat Resistance gathering with Pulitzer Prize Winners, which doesn’t say much considering the NYT just won a Pulitzer for actual fake news.

Artistic Director Michaela McGuire’s opening statement sets the tone for the festival. “Reading can be a mixed blessing. For anyone who has had the misfortune to glance at the headlines recently, the last few months have felt like a long fever dream, for reasons that extend far beyond the outcome of the US Presidential election or Brexit.”

Safe to assume McGuire is a #NotMyPresident remoaner. Not exactly inviting but it’s the SWF headliners that really make my butthole pucker.


Colson Whitehead’s latest book, The Underground Railroad, was lauded by Obama and Oprah. In other words it’s going to serve the establishment perfectly well in keeping old psychological wounds raw and seeping for another few years.

Obama the Bomber Hearts Colson Whitehead

Whitehead “reimagined the metaphorical Underground Railroad of history – whereby slaves were transported under cover of night from one safe house to the next, bound for free land – and replaced it with an actual train.”

Those two reliable spectres of history summoned to haunt another generation: slaves and trains.

Surely some light-hearted pop-culture will offer respite from all the left wing propaganda? Nope. Editor of Teen Vogue Elaine Welteroth will be in town to discuss how she turned the infamous magazine into a mouthpiece for the left “is revolutionising the teen bible”.

Elaine Welteroth wears signature Problematique Glasses

Welteroth oversaw the publication of Lauren Duca’s masterfully manipulative (and viral) “thinkpiece”, ‘Donald Trump is Gaslighting America’ in which Duca tries to convince readers that opposing the same people who said Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction is somehow deplorable. There are so many things wrong with Duca’s article it deserves its own rebuttal. I would agree with Tucker Carlson’s advice that Duca stick to writing about shoes, but she’s far too dangerous a propagandist to dismiss. Ergo, we should keep an extra close eye on Welteroth.

And finally, the only reason a Guardian data editor gets a platform at a writer’s festival is right there in the promo. “Data editor of The Guardian US, Mona Chalabi, brings hard facts to the global immigration debate. In this special illustrated talk for SWF, she helps us understand the actual risks migrants pose, and their potential contributions to society, before we rush to close borders”.

You’re just not understanding the mathemadics you dumb racist! Hordes of migrants with room temperature IQ ackshually bring cultural enrichment by the boatload!

Meet Mona the Migrant Mathemagician

Chalabi’s bio is truly something to behold:

“Mona believes the political right is winning with a fact-based anti-immigration stance (sure, those facts are often misrepresented or even fabricated – but, it’s working). Meanwhile, the left pushes a failing feelings-based pro-immigration argument. Mona provides hard data, ready to be communicated to as many people as possible, as simply as possible.”

So the right is winning with facts…but we distort the facts? And the left is losing with feefees, so Mona is here to make sure the hard data is clear…but she has no agenda? Sure. We believe you even though millions wouldn’t, Mona.

“As well as co-producing a four-part documentary series about vaginas, Mona has written for TV shows on National Geographic, the BBC and VICE…Before getting into journalism, Mona worked in the nonprofit sector, first at the Bank of England, then Transparency International and the International Organization for Migration.”

Vaginas? Check. VICE? Check. Big bank? Check. Open borders NGO? Check. How much do you want to bet her “vagina documentary” is political?

The loser left is so transparent it’s now embarrassing to watch their clumsy political manoeuvres. They’ve sucked the life out of every cultural institution. Everything they do is humourless, artless, and lifeless.

I can’t think of a worse group of people to entrust with the preservation and furtherance of Western culture.


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