University of Sydney Union Bans Film

maxresdefaultWhen feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye set out to investigate the Men’s Rights Movement, she probably should have expected feminists would be the most vicious critics of the resulting film, The Red Pill. Now the University of Sydney is clutching its pearls too.

If anything scares a feminist it’s the truth that men are now discriminated against, demonised, and disenfranchised by almost every institution in Western society.

The truth was such a powerful “red pill” that Cassie Jaye could no longer in good conscience identify as a feminist. This poses an intolerable threat to the feminist movement: mass defection. So it’s extremely disappointing but no surprise the University of Sydney Union is engaging in censorship. Velcome to Chermany!

Their rationale for banning the film screening is as weak and dishonest as you’d expect from Social Justice Warriors. The fact that their official press statement about the banning comes with a trigger warning (sexism, rape) is hilarious but speaks volumes about the University of Snowflakes Union members.

“We believe that there is the distinct possibility that the planned screening of this documentary would be discriminatory against women, and has the capacity to intimidate and physically threaten women on campus.”

There’s that word leftists love: believe. Listen and believe.

“The Red Pill is purported to be a film which highlights issues specific to men in our society. The USU is obviously supportive of efforts to bring awareness to, and to combat, issues such as the higher suicide rate for men than women.”

We obvs wants to help dudes, but unless you’re killing yourself, just STFU.

“The reality of The Red Pill, however, is much more sinister. This documentary is decidedly anti-feminist and anti-woman, focussing not on the ways in which the systemic issues of patriarchy may also adversely affect men, but instead placing the blame on women and feminism specifically for men’s issues. The Red Pill is rooted in an ideology which ultimately dehumanises women, seeing them merely as sex objects who exist primarily to purposefully negatively impact the lives of men.”

It’s almost as if they haven’t watched the movie. Huh.

Notice another extremely slimy linguistic tactic highlighted above in bold: According to USU, the truth is “purported” but their own allegations are to be taken as absolute truth.

The Conservative Club, Students for Liberty, and BroSoc have lost this battle but the war of ideas rages on. Strategically, USU is doing us all a favour. Nothing drives demand for a creative work quite like censorship.


2 thoughts on “University of Sydney Union Bans Film

  1. This film should not be banned or obstructed by feminists or other critics. Its flaws as a documentary are transparent. The film lacks any analysis of the systemic root causes behind the selective grievance statistics and thereby commits denialism by omission. It is however a clever piece of persuasive propaganda that shows how powerful are the smooth-talking voices of Alt-Right masculinist extremism.


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