Australia’s False Gun Narrative

Like clockwork, after every mass shooting in the States, liberals across the world jump at the opportunity to chastise America and point to Australia as the great bastion of gun control. The left will vocally cry out and ironically cite public safety as the reason for America to adopt Australia’s draconian gun laws without ever stopping to consider the implications. If the public doesn’t have access to guns, then they can’t murder each other and therefore everyone is inherently safer; or so the narrative goes. After all, we haven’t had a mass shooting since 1996, so, as a nation, we are now safer, right?

We surrendered our firearms in 1996 following the Port Arthur Massacre, a mass shooting by a mentally unstable individual that left 35 people dead. This was also Australia’s first real mass shooting, with only several low profile shooting sprees previously. In response to the tragedy, the federal government passed some of the world’s most authoritarian gun laws, such as bans on self-loading guns, universal gun registration, and a mandatory “buy-back scheme” (read: confiscation), which saw some 650,000 legally owned guns destroyed.

As a result, anti-gun zealots will proudly ignore statistics and instead celebrate a false narrative of a safer Australia. So, what happens when we actually look at the statistics?

The year following the confiscation of Australia’s guns, armed robbery increased.


Kidnappings increased.

chart (1).png

Sexual assault dropped in 1997 but climbed to an all-time high by 2013.

chart (2).png

Home invasion (unlawful entry with intent) went up 10%.

chart (3)


“But homicides involving guns are down!” screams the left. They ignore that gun homicide rates have continued the same downward linear trend since 1969 (yes 1969) – it has absolutely nothing to do with the confiscation of guns in 1996.


According to the Australian Institute of Criminology: “The percentage of homicides committed with a firearm continued a declining trend which began in 1969. In 2003, fewer than 16% of homicides involved firearms. The figure was similar in 2002 and 2001, down from a high of 44% in 1968.”

So where does that leave us as a result? Australia is now a nation of victims – a defenceless people. Criminals no longer need worry about the public defending itself, as they legally cannot carry the device required to do so. Just look at the statistics. Safety was never about everyone carrying or not carrying a gun; it was always about the mutual respect a society derives from the knowledge that every law abiding citizen could be armed and ready to defend themselves and their community.

An armed society is a polite society. Never give up your liberties, because once those freedoms are eroded, they will never return, and you too will become a defenceless nation of victims.


3 thoughts on “Australia’s False Gun Narrative

  1. There is a massive uptake in home invasion in Melbourne due to the rise of the Apex gang, I bet they would think twice if the household could have a gun. Apex consist largely of African immigrants. With Islamic groups calling for sharia and the immigrant related assault climbing, more immigration then ever before maybe its a good idea we review the gun laws?

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