Good ol’ r/Eddit at it again! This time censoring news startup CCNews (That’s us)

Reddit can be a great way to share content and reach people, so that’s exactly what we did!

We at Counter Collective News made our own reddit account /u/CounterCollectiveN to submit articles from our website to our unofficial subreddit /r/CCNews.

Today though I noticed something odd while submitting some of our articles to /r/CCNews.

After having submitted some articles, I went to the New section on /r/CCNews and noticed something off. Can you guys work out what I found?

Screenshot of /u/CounterCollectiveN overview
screencapture-reddit-r-CCNews-1492072278535 - Copy.png
Screenshot of /r/CCNews New Section

It’s almost as if something is missing…. Oh right! All the articles from the past 2 days!

So this probably means we’ve been shadowbanned. I haven’t been notified of anything from reddit so let’s check up on reddit’s content policy and see why we could have been banned.

Unwelcome (prohibited) content

  • Is illegal
  • Is involuntary pornography
  • Encourages or incites violence
  • Threatens, harasses, or bullies or encourages others to do so
  • Is personal and confidential information
  • Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner
  • Is spam

Prohibited behavior

  • Asking for votes or engaging in vote manipulation
  • Breaking Reddit or doing anything that interferes with normal use of Reddit
  • Creating multiple accounts to evade punishment or avoid restrictions

Well it would seem we broke no rules. Shocker.

Now let’s not be too hasty. Are we sure we’re shadowbanned? Where else would you go to check other than reddit’s well known /r/amishadowbanned. I’m sure reddit rarely shadowbans and that’s why there’s an entire subreddit dedicated to checking if you have been.

Time to submit and check if anyone can see us.

Screenshot of submission to /r/amishadowbanned

Half an hour goes by and no reply. Maybe it’s just been quiet. Better make sure I posted it correctly and check the New section.

Screenshot of /r/amishadowbanned/new/ while logged in

Still there but let’s see how it looks if I’m logged out.

Screenshot of /r/amishadowbanned/new/ while logged out

That’s strange, my post is gone. Looks like I’m legitimately shadowbanned. I’d better contact the admins of reddit and notify them right away.

Screenshot of message sent to /r/


It’s sure to be resolved in no time at all!


As you would’ve guessed I didn’t hear back, but it’s only been 1 hour. To be on the cautious side, let’s try to message my personal account and see if messaging has also been shadowbanned.


Yeah, I know I was lazy with the test message but that’s not what is important. What’s important is that NO MESSAGE CAME to my personal reddit account, so it is likely that reddit admins also didn’t receive my message.

There’s only one thing left to check; the account overview while logged out.

Screen Shot 04-13-17 at 07.13 PM.PNG
Screenshot of /u/CounterCollectiveN overview logged out

Well that didn’t pan out the way I thought it would. It’s completely removed.

Quick recap. Reddit for some undeclared reason has shadowbanned our reddit account which has broken no rules. Which include all submissions being removed anywhere on reddit, all messages not being sent, our actual account overview showing “page does not exist”.

What is interesting to note is that the account was shadowbanned and removed from the public eye after posting the article from CCNews The Ministry of –Truth– Google, which is quite ironic, censoring an article about censoring and manipulating.

They’re not known as r/eddit for nothing. Maintaining their public image of social manipulation and censorship of “wrong think”.


3 thoughts on “Good ol’ r/Eddit at it again! This time censoring news startup CCNews (That’s us)

  1. This is fucking outrageous!

    Everything that is published from this is free speech!

    The sensing must stop, if not we are heading for a world of darkness and control!


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