Sentencing Judge To Sudanese CRIMINAL: Sorry About This


Sudanese gangbangers upstanding refugees who terrorized culturally enriched Melbourne in a drug-fuelled rampage have received a smack on the wrist and an apology from the Australian justice system for having to issue a jail sentence.

The courts have once again failed to crack down on dangerous criminal behaviour that puts public safety in jeopardy. To add insult to injury, we now have judges apologising to criminals for having to punish them.

Upon handing down the sentence, Judge Liz Gaynor said, “I’m sorry. I don’t enjoy sentencing someone your age to adult jail…I’m sorry. You pushed it too far…”

The Sudanese duo robbed two jewellery stores in Melbourne to the tune of $200,000 until being dramatically apprehended by members of the public. Wielding sledgehammers, the criminals (one of whom was described by Judge Gaynor as “otherwise quiet, kind, respectful, and rather humble”) smashed windows and cabinets at the behest of another gangbanger in the noble pursuit of drugs, cash, hotel rooms, and girls. Which judge could not sympathise with such good moral behaviour and motives?

Both members of the gang plead guilty to their crimes. However, one of the co-accused Akon Mawien was released back into the public with a slap on the wrist (the good ol’ “good behaviour bond”). While the other ‘ice’ possessed, Apex-affiliated Maker Mayoum will spend a minimum of 2 years in an ‘adult’ prison for a crime he committed as an ‘adult’ on his 18th birthday.

Gang-related crime continues to rise in Victoria while the refugee-laden Apex Club For Well-meaning Criminals keeps our police force working overtime and our community on edge. It goes without saying judges need not apologise for doing the job expected of them by the public. This softening of the judicial system will pave the way for the rampant increase of repeat offenders.


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