Could It Be Time To Admit HuffPo Is Racist?

In response to an opinion article by Shelley Garland titled “Could it be time to deny white men the franchise?” published by the Huffington Post.

I wonder if Garland realised, as she sat down to write her article on a PC with a Graphical User Interface using Microsoft Word, connecting via WiFi to the internet that sends data across the world with fibre optics or satellite through various servers running open source software to websites, followed up by posting from her mobile to social media, just how much the “white male” has afforded her (note all the items in bold above are white male inventions). It’s funny to think that in her simpleton life she relies on “white male” inventions from the moment she opens her eyes to the moment she goes to bed to dream of a marxist feminist utopia. In fact, of the 30 most influential innovations of the last 30 years 26 are from “white males”. Shelley’s existence and everything she does is made possible by the innovative and ambitious spirit of the “white male”. 

Garland, who recently started writing for the South African variant of the leftist propaganda machine Huffington Post, is a philosophy student residing in New Zealand. She is attempting her masters in philosophy (no doubt where she picked up her Marxist inclinations). Her goal in life is to destroy “male patriarchy”, leaving no room for romance (her words). Her shallow internet presence might suggest this is an alias.

I will focus on the number 30 as this seems to be her magic figure, 20-30 years. Ironically, in five years’ time the African National Congress (ANC) would have been in charge of South Africa for 30 years. In that time, the black government has accomplished: crumbling infrastructure, the highest rape and murder rates in the world, government corruption, weakening education, failing healthcare, and deepening poverty. It seems the only positive South Africa has produced for the world over the past three decades is “white flight”. If you think 25 years is not long enough to create something substantial, I’ll remind you what Dubai looked like in 1994 versus 2014. 


There is an entire generation of young blacks in South Africa referred to as “born frees” due to their being born post-apartheid. These young blacks are the voters responsible for ousting the militant ANC from the top 4 South African metropolitan districts, not “white males”. Before these young people (who are sick of being victims) started voting, the ANC held 2/3 majority by vote and 7/8 per black/white voting demographic. This should point out the obvious oversight in Garland’s article: “white males” only make up 4% of the South African population, hardly the deciding voting group.

In other words, the ANC is losing districts the way Donald Trump won Florida: non-white voters. Voters of all races are growing tired of identity politics and the victim mentality. Garland is obviously just another social justice warrior enchanted by Karl Marx who has no idea how the real world works. The “white male” has paid for her freedom in “white male” blood. 

Nearly every major medical breakthrough in the last 30 years was thanks to a “white male”. Top engineers and architects responsible for some of the biggest projects on the planet? White males. The spaceX’s of the world making the dream of new frontiers a reality? White males. Renewable energy? White males. Agricultural advancements that put food in cupped hands of malnourished pot-bellied African children with flies on their faces? Yes. White males. 

Compounding the irony of Garland’s idiotic tirade is the fact that the “white male” only makes up 7% of the world’s population, this includes homosexuals but I am not sure she has the mental capacity to incorporate this into her naive world view.

Let’s play out Garland’s fantasy, remove the “white male” right to vote, take away all his money, stick him on welfare, let him take a back seat for the next 30 years. With no “white male” military, within the first fifteen years Islam and Sharia law will take over, Garland will be subjugated. She might not be looking for romance now but neither is her future husband Mohammad when he beats her for not respecting his patriarchy. A quick trip to the local Woollies or a coffee shop? Out of the question unless you’re looking to be stoned to death. Studying, forget it love you will be a hijab-wearing breeding machine and will have to suffer the agony of listening to your daughter’s cries as a street doctor with dirty instruments mutilates her genitals. Garland will cry inside as they round up and kill homosexuals and transvestites. #BLM will become #BSM as the classic Middle Eastern tradition of slave trading returns. Who is going to stop this from happening? That’s right, the “white male”.

I am not going to address the anti-capitalism baloney in her article. It’s clearly visible to the world that redistribution of wealth and socialism have done wonders in Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Cuba.

Garland goes on to say Although this may seem unfair and unjust, allowing white males to continue to call the shots politically and economically, following their actions over the past 500 years, is the greater injustice”. Considering I’ve only touched on 30 years of what the “white male” has done for the world, I’ll spare you a full 500-year breakdown that includes useless innovations like electricity, the telephone, railways, antibiotics, automobiles, aeroplanes, television and trips to the moon.

Counter Collective’s Feral Cheryl recently gave 7 Reasons Modern Feminism Is A Shit Show. I think it’s a must read for Garland followed by some introspection in front of the mirror. Instead of getting on her SJW soap box and spitting out common tiresome diatribe maligning the “white male”, she should bend a knee and thank God for the seven percent who have punched so admirably above their weight. 

Here is the truth that evades Garland and others like her. We are not male or female. We are not black or white. We are individuals who share a western mentality. This mentality based on freedom and driven by capitalism has catapulted the human race out of the stone age into the modern world.

Garland, if you are reading this, racism and sexism have been rejected. Your views make you no better than the “white male” of your imagination. Wealth is not something given but something earned. In a free capitalist society it belongs to anyone willing to work for it. Bill Gates made his billions in the last 30 years, Zuckerberg in 10, they did this through innovation and hard work not white privilege. 

Simply put, grow up Shelley Garland. You are not daring or courageous. Your opinion is not original. Your “voice” betrays a damaged sense of self. Your hatred of white men for whatever circumstantial path brought you here is obviously over-shadowing your view of the world. I pity you.

Editor’s note: It’s not just white men who made the world what it is today, for better or worse. Countless female and non-white individuals have changed the course of history. The above article is designed specifically in its format to combat the ludicrous notion of the original infantile article and to point out how poor Huffington Post editorial standards really are. It’s a focus point of where we are as a species and how the Huffington Post’s never-ending pursuit of social justice is a drag on life, society and the betterment of mankind. Huffington Post is a disease on the human psyche, catering to the lowest common denominator and rallying the weak-minded among us on a path to self-destruction. In the time it took to write and publish this response, HuffPo deleted the offending article stating “Shelley Garland appears not to exist”. Counter Collective News felt it appropriate to allow our response to stand for two reasons. 1. If the original article was indeed a hoax, it proves our point about HuffPo’s editorial standards. 2. Whether Garland exists or not is a moot point. Hatred and resentment of white men is pervasive and must be resisted. 


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