Alternatives to Twitter, Wikipedia, and Google

08rp01_1.gifIf you want to do your part to break up the monopoly over information currently enjoyed by compromised organisations, here are three alternative technology platforms you can start using today.

We all know our favourite websites track us for seemingly harmless (and supposedly beneficial) purposes, such as serving us “more relevant” advertising and content.

More difficult to assert with any certainty is how long our favourite websites have been censoring users, looking the other way when thought-police edit content en masse, and blatantly manipulating search results.

Switching to these alternatives will support the fledgling Alt Tech industry, starve the giants of ad revenue, and protect your privacy.

Tired of Twitter tattletales? Get on Gab

Founded by Andrew Torba in late 2015, Gab is dedicated to “Free speech for everyone”. It’s still in active beta so you’ll have to request access. I waited about two weeks for approval and tried it out. Apart from a few minor UI issues you’d expect in beta, the platform has promise. Free speech means free speech. So brace yourself and remember there is no such thing as hate speech. Only speech you hate. And that’s ok.

Noticed Wikipedia went wacky? Infogalactic is the new Planetary Knowledge Core™

Remember when teachers told you Wikipedia was not a reliable source and you went pfffft? Well, I’m sorry to tell you feminists host regular “edit-a-thons” to trash reputations and literally rewrite history. Your teacher was right all along. Do not trust Wikipedia. Read Infogalactic’s diagnosis of and solutions for bias, then bookmark the site. Founder Vox Day is a computer game designer, bestselling philosopher, and bona fide genius.

Google done goofed. Go to DuckDuckGo

The most powerful search engine in the world whose motto is “Don’t be evil” would never manipulate you, would it? I believe it would, but don’t take my word for it. Read this detailed story or the leaked email from Alphabet (Google’s parent company) Chairman Eric Schmidt, outlining secret plans to help elect Hillary Clinton. Then change your default browser to DuckDuckGo, which emphasises user privacy and doesn’t track you.


This was not a sponsored post and Counter Collective News is not affiliated with any of these websites. In b4 accusations of shilling.


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