Turnbull Axes 457 Visa In Name Only

germany-migrants.jpgThe Turnbull government announced today it was “abolishing” the temporary foreign worker (457 Visa) program. But is it?

Replacing one visa with two new, slightly different (although admittedly better) visas can hardly be considered abolition.

First of all existing visa-holders won’t be affected. Ignore this ABC “reporter’s” fears.

As of 30 Sept 2016 we had 95,757 foreigners on 457 Visas and 76,430 secondary visa holders (meaning family members of those primary visa holders).

Migration consultants “Australia Here We Come” jubilantly describe the secondary visa as “a great way for a de facto partner to secure an Australian visa with unrestricted work rights in a relatively inexpensive and timely manner.”

That’s a total of 172,187 workers currently in the country on a path to citizenship.

Turnbull said of the new visa program, “It will include new requirements including previous work experience, better English language proficiency and labour market testing.”

“Better English.” That doesn’t exactly fill me with hope for the preservation of the “shared Australian culture” politicians of all stripes keep trying to sell without definition.

Discussing the existing program Dutton said, “…it is open-ended, and it results, in many cases, in a migration outcome.”

“Migration outcome.” That’s cuckspeak for “yeah ok fine it’s been rorted they come here and stay here.”


  • Four-year 457 Visa
  • 650+ eligible occupations
  • Automatic potential to attain permanent residency
  • No need for a criminal background check


  • Short-term 2-year visa
  • ~400 eligible occupations
  • No prospect of permanent residency
  • Probably still no criminal background check
  • Probably enough English required to say “cash only”
  • Long-term 4-year visa
  • ~180 eligible “high skill” occupations
  • Path to permanent residency
  • “Better” English required
  • Criminal background checks

After calling for tougher restrictions on foreign workers, opposition leader Shorty is having kittens because Turnbull blames “this entire mess” on Labor.

Howard introduced the program in 1996, but Labor did what Labor does and tried to flood the country with future voters.


Pauline Hanson is claiming credit, which has some merit. Prime Cuck Trumble probably wouldn’t even be discussing this if One Nation weren’t so daringly kicking the hornet’s nest that is “the immigration debate”.

It’s clear Turnbull’s first ever Facebook address and new visa program both echo Trump’s “direct to the people” and “America First” policies. What’s yet to be decided is whether LARPing and tinkering at the edges will be enough.

A fiercer debate is looming that people like our dear Prime Minister don’t yet seem to be aware of. Namely, what exactly are these “shared values”? What, specifically, does it mean to be “Australian”?

A Tower of Babel girt by sea does not a culture make. We have a lot of things to discuss as a nation.

N.B. Since almost 25% of foreign workers are Indian, taxpayer-funded SBS has the full story available in Hindi.


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