French Election: Le Pen Supporters Get The Trump Treatment


The tactics being deployed by globalists and leftists against Le Pen and Front National supporters are exactly the same as those used to oppose Brexit and Trump. Here are some parallels (and warning signs for Le Pen supporters to look out for), plus a quick who’s who of the French election for anyone getting up to speed.

Marine Le Pen’s Headquarters Firebombed
In October 2016, leftwing radicals firebombed Trump headquarters in North Carolina.


Last week, a militia wing of the left calling itself Fight Xenophobia took credit for firebombing Front National headquarters with Molotov cocktails and warned of more attacks to come.


AntiFa Violently Attacking Le Pen Supporters
Antifascist Action a.k.a. AntiFa, is a communist extra-parliamentary network operating around the world. They claim to fight fascism, but considering the targets of their street violence are almost always peaceful moderate centrists, they appear to be strategically deployed as a street fighting force by leftist governments.

Who wore it better: ISIS or AntiFa?

Sympathetic media coverage coupled with consistent stand-down orders from law enforcement whenever AnitFa mobilises suggests this assessment is accurate. It’s no surprise they are now inflicting physical violence on Le Pen supporters.

Reports of Voter Fraud
Just like voter fraud was suspected then widely documented in the 2016 US election, early reports of voter fraud are now coming in from France. French authorities are refusing to investigate until after the election. The Obama administration denied the US election could be “hacked” but flipped on the issue when the Democrats lost, demanding an investigation into “Russian hacking”. It’s only now coming to light that the Russia narrative was amplified because the incumbents used State surveillance to illegally spy on Trump.

The Fake News Narrative
When the Clinton campaign could no longer deny the rampant corruption revealed in the Podesta Emails Wikileaks dump, she stood on stage and warned the public about “fake news”. Overnight, her supporters could discredit and dismiss any revelations as “fake”. Google has now turned to notoriously biased third parties to discredit anything that opposes the left’s narrative. We know for a fact the corporate media who claim to be arbiters of truth are the worst liars of all.

Facebook Censors 30,000 Accounts
Bowing to pressure from leftwing activists and corporate media, Big Tech platforms like Facebook vowed to “crack down” on “fake news”. They just took the fight to France, banning 30k accounts claiming they were all “fake”. Be prepared with a plan. They could silence you at any moment. Twitter recently banned one our readers and we caught Reddit censoring our site.

Thousands of Paid Social Media Trolls
Anyone on the right will attest to a sudden influx trolls on every social media platform last year. “Correct The Record” (CTR) shills are suspected of co-ordinated daily vote manipulation, propaganda dissemination, and viciously attacking Trump supporters with personal insults to demoralise the base. Post-election, CTR founder David Brock secured $40m in funding with the sole purpose of destroying Trump’s presidency. Free Beacon secured their memo, “Democracy Matters: Strategic Plan for Action” It outlines Brock’s four-year agenda to weaponise Media Matters, American Bridge, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW), and Shareblue against Trump and Republicans. It’s worth studying the strategy to understand just how pervasive the left’s disinformation network is, and how willing they are to lie to the public.

According to Free Beacon, “The memo contains plans for defeating Trump through impeachment, expanding Media Matters’ mission to combat “government misinformation,” ensuring Democratic control of the Senate in the 2018 midterm elections, filing lawsuits against the Trump administration, monetizing political advocacy, using a “digital attacker” to delegitimize Trump’s presidency and damage Republicans, and partnering with Facebook to combat “fake news.”

Bird Dogging
In my opinion, Bird Dogging was the most egregious affront to civil liberty during the US election cycle because it was violence and reputational damage inflicted upon the weak by the powerful. It came from the very top. Remember the very first Trump rally? When video of a guy getting punched echoed around the world and turned impartial viewers into Trump haters? Undercover investigations by Project Veritas revealed a plan to infiltrate every Trump rally and cause violence dressed as Trump supporters, with the express purpose of manufacturing fake news to sway public sentiment. The Bird Dogging plan was executed directly by the Clinton campaign.

Fake Hate Crimes
Unfortunately media coverage of alleged hate crimes always outweighs the revelations when they inevitably come to light. There were so many hate crime hoaxes staged against Trump supporters and Brexiteers, new websites have sprung up to keep track of the truth.

No media coverage of real violence
There were so many genuine violent attacks on the right throughout the US election, a Trump supporter started a website to keep a record. So far 179 incidents of hate and 113 cars, homes, and buildings have been vandalized.

The polls are rigged
Right up until election day, the mainstream media told us Clinton had a 98.1% chance of winning.


When it was clear they were losing, they inflated Trump’s lead with the hope of keeping voters at home with false confidence. They believed their own lies. That’s why reality hit them like a truck on election night.

That face when reality hits you

The markets will crash
Don’t believe it. They told us Brexit would crash the world economy. It didn’t. They told us Trump would crash the world economy. He didn’t. In fact the markets soon rallied to an all-time high thanks to unprecedented confidence. They’ll try the same thing with Le Pen. They’ll say she’ll cause chaos and fear.

Emmanuel Macron
En marche sur rien


Insufferable pretty boy Emmanuel Macron’s candidacy is basically just the brainchild of outgoing socialist president Francois Hollande. Macron is neither a member of the Socialist Party (but was from 2006-2009) nor an elected politician. The media is now doing a “Trudeau” with the youngest ever candidate. His “grassroots movement” En Marche is about as organic as AstroTurf. Macron is being presented as a “centrist” but would probably just carry on Hollande’s government.

Jean-Luc Melenchon
Pauvreté. Atrocité. Fulitilité.

The global establishment knows people want change. In the US, the left elevated Socialist Sanders to rally a huge base by bashing “the rich”. He promptly became Sellout Sanders once Clinton was anointed. Watch him rail against Clinton’s corruption, then endorse her anyway.

He was probably offered a choice between the lake house and an unfortunate barbell accident.

The mainstream media is now presenting far-left Jean-Luc Melenchon as an “outsider alternative” to Le Pen. Melenchon is even more insane than Sanders though. He’s a fan of Hugo Chavez and wants to tax anyone earning over $430,000 at 100%.


Good luck selling that dystopian vision for France while starving Venezuelans hunt dogs, cats, and pigeons.


Francois Fillon
Échec de dignité

Then there’s Francois Fillon, the unremarkable cuckservative who (if elected) would do what cucks do: fail France “with dignity”. He makes all the rights noises about economic policy and immigration for France, but he’s pro-EU for which he advocates an “external frontier police force” and a “true Eurozone treasury”. In other words, Fillon’s view of the future EU is the stuff of nightmares: a centralised, militarised European Superstate that Hitler could only ever dream of.

Marine Le Pen
Au nom du peuple

The voice of the people. The spirit of France. Only one thing is important now for the French people and their descendants. Getting out of the EU. The only person who can do that is Marine Le Pen. Hillary Clinton demanded everyone support her on the basis of her gender, then cried “sexism” when she lost. Le Pen is the only true representative of the people and to that we can only say, “I’m With Her”.



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