White Privilege Status: Checked

The Forgotten Man by Jon McNaughton

It would seem white Americans have been checking their privilege perhaps a bit too much in recent times.

As we all know, for decades whites have enjoyed the perks their skin colour brings, such as:

I could go on, but I digress…

Not content with just self-loathing and keeping their microaggressions in check, white Americans have upped the ante and are now doing their best to not only make sure they are dying at the same rate as other races, but are in fact dying at far greater rates than other races in America.

White Americans are now enjoying a sharp increase in mortality, which has been rising since the 1990s. In a ground breaking 2015 study, economists Anne Case and Angus Deaton from Princeton University showed that mortality was rising for middle-aged, white Americans with a high school diploma or less after declining for decades prior. I say surprising because that is something you would expect to hear from a third-world country – not a global economic leader.

They released a follow up study in March of this year which has shown the situation for this demographic has not only grown far worse, but now extends to include those aged 25-64.

The studies have shown that whites aged 45-54 with a high school degree or less went from having a mortality rate of 30% less than blacks in 1999 to a mortality rate of 30% higher than blacks by 2015. There are similar crossovers in all age groups from 25-29 to 60-64. The turnaround has been so large that this increased mortality rate has actually been able to offset the mortality gains from children and the elderly leading to a decline in overall life expectancy for all whites.

The increased mortality rate is not due to the big killers like heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, but is instead down to an increase in ‘deaths of despair’ – that is, deaths from drugs, alcohol and suicide. This is also not a gendered issue – the rise in ‘deaths of despair’ for whites is affecting men and women equally across the country.

Case and Deaton have hypothesised that the sharp increase in ‘deaths of despair’ is due to cumulative disadvantage through a measurable deterioration in economic and social well-being, which is only amplified through each successive generation.

Sounds like spiraling debt levels, a collapse of the middle class, a looming financial crisis, bleak job prospects, and constantly being told by educational institutions, the media, and liberals everywhere to be ashamed of your race and heritage might have something to do with it. But I’m just a f**king white male, what would I know?

So what is the take away from all this? Obviously we should be doing all we can to address a frankly alarming increased rate of mortality among a particular demographic. I’ll have to leave that to someone else though as I’m too busy checking my white privilege.


5 thoughts on “White Privilege Status: Checked

  1. Very sobering read. The social stuff can be resisted and countered with ridicule to a large extent but discriminatory legislation like affirmative action is the most insidious. Once enacted it’s near impossible to repeal.


  2. I checked my “White Privilege”© and verified that it IS indeed a privilege to be “White” and a curse to be anything else.


  3. I’m living every white man’s “white privilege” dream: Prematurely dying of Vietnam’s Agent Orange-induced PAH. It’s incurable and very progressive. I’m 100% VA Disabled and must remain tethered to an oxygen hose 24-7.

    Sure wish all you fat, ugly female anarchists, assorted rioters, hood rats, elitest SJWs and US-haters could share my “privileged” status. Life’s not fair–so what?


    1. Hey Greg, I know words don’t mean much, but thank you for your service and I’m sorry to hear about what you’re going through. Everyone’s life experiences are different, and frankly for people to throw around privilege as an excuse to discount others hardships and justify attacking and discriminating against others is extremely insulting and terribly wrong. Hopefully Trump is able to bring some positive change to your life – I don’t know if it affects you, but the EO he signed today is great news for vets, and it’s an amazing feeling to have a President of the United States who acknowledges the sacrifices and services of those who have served your great nation.


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