Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor

Last week a huge coalition of American patriots rallied in Berkeley to defend free speech. It’s no surprise communist militia AntiFa were on the scene attempting to shut it down. One of the worst assaults was by a masked AntiFa coward who smashed a Trump supporter in the head with a U-lock. You can hear the impact.

Pol wasted no time, using crowdsourced footage to identify the attacker.


Turns out the alleged attacker is a philosophy professor at San Francisco State University. His official SFSU page is missing, but according to another of his public bios, his primary research interests are ethics and politics. You can’t make this stuff up.

The Donald Redditors allege this wasn’t the first time Professor Clanton assaulted people exercising their first amendment right at Berkeley, the birth place of the free speech movement.

It would appear Professor Bike Lock’s RateMyProfessor reviews have taken a turn for the worse.

SFSU has not yet made a statement, despite calls to fire Clanton and denounce AntiFa as a domestic terrorist organisation.


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