Religion of Peace, Ten Days Four Attacks

I was going to keep updating my original article Reset the counter but I ran out of headline space for updates. We have now had four attacks in just over ten days by Islamic extremist.

Stockholm Stockholm attacks

Egypt Egypt attacks



The terrorist attack in Stockholm Sweden should disprove the notion that open arm embraces will de-radicalize Muslims or that speaking out against Islam will do the opposite.

It’s time we restart the discussion about Islam’s ability to integrate in western society. A discussion that is not auto-tagged with a label of racism but an open and frank discussion.

As we become acclimatised to a new life with ever increasing terror attacks the question is no longer when it happens but at what rate of exponential increase we can expect this going forward. What is an acceptable measurement of lives lost and attack frequency in our future? These are questions each westerner’s must ask.

A new study of 6800 muslim high school students in France found that 1 in 3 think that terrorism is acceptable. The same study finds that a muslim youth is four times more likely to be radicalised. Source

Too often we fall victim to the ‘slow boiling frog’ effect. By the time, we realise the heat it will be too late. A question I’m asking myself is what world do I want my children to grow up in? It’s not a world where terror attacks are normal and it’s not a world where Sharia law is acceptable or enforced.

I’ve travelled the world, lived in many countries and experienced many cultures. I love diversity and many of those I have met on the road will testify I am not a racist but if questioning Islam makes me a racist, then so be it.




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