Sentencing Judge To Sudanese CRIMINAL: Sorry About This


Sudanese gangbangers upstanding refugees who terrorized culturally enriched Melbourne in a drug-fuelled rampage have received a smack on the wrist and an apology from the Australian justice system for having to issue a jail sentence.

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Australian Military Chief On Gender Diversity Warpath

Former Chief of Army David Morrison dons her high heels to protest violence, 2016

The Australian military is fighting an internal war it shouldn’t have entered in the first place. Tyrannical political correctness ensures gender diversity continues to be prioritised over skill and merit. According to Australian military defence chief, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, gender diversity is essential to the future success of the military. Really? 

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ISIS spokesman follows leftist talking points

ISIS is in bed with strange bedfellows as they join the chorus of leftists and globalists attacking the character of Donald Trump in a vain effort to delegitimise him. In their first statement about the President of the United States, they said the US is “being run by an idiot” Continue reading “ISIS spokesman follows leftist talking points”