Religion of Peace, Ten Days Four Attacks

I was going to keep updating my original article Reset the counter but I ran out of headline space for updates. We have now had four attacks in just over ten days by Islamic extremist. Continue reading “Religion of Peace, Ten Days Four Attacks”


Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor

Last week a huge coalition of American patriots rallied in Berkeley to defend free speech. It’s no surprise communist militia AntiFa were on the scene attempting to shut it down. Continue reading “Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor”

Good ol’ r/Eddit at it again! This time censoring news startup CCNews (That’s us)

Reddit can be a great way to share content and reach people, so that’s exactly what we did!

We at Counter Collective News made our own reddit account /u/CounterCollectiveN to submit articles from our website to our unofficial subreddit /r/CCNews.
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Sydney Writer’s Festival is going to be amazing (it’s not)

Sydney Writer’s Festival is pushing the poz bigly. On the ideological menu this year: slavery, migrants, open borders, intersectional feminism, diversity, safe spaces, globalism, refugees, and Nasty Women.

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China offers concessions to avert trade war with U.S (UPDATE)

First we saw job increases that very few economists predicted and a 4% reduction in the US trade deficit in one month. Now the Deal-Maker-In-Chief continues delivering on his promise to negotiate better deals for America. Continue reading “China offers concessions to avert trade war with U.S (UPDATE)”

The Ministry of –Truth– Google

Last Friday as seen in the Daily Caller, Google added a new feature to their well known search engine.

This feature helps users fact check news stories or claims to help combat “fake news,” by presenting the user with a first result article summarized with the claim, who made this claim and the verdict. The fact-checking for Google is almost exclusively done by Snopes and PolitiFact.

Sounds great right? Well you could be wrong.

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Australian Government condemns [INSERT LATEST TERROR ATTACK]

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 2.07.48 pmThere’s a formula for keeping Western media audiences on side with your agenda. After every new terrorist attack, the official government media statement is practically identical to the last. Let’s reverse-engineer Bishop and Turnbull’s latest comments on the attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt. Continue reading “Australian Government condemns [INSERT LATEST TERROR ATTACK]”