Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor

Last week a huge coalition of American patriots rallied in Berkeley to defend free speech. It’s no surprise communist militia AntiFa were on the scene attempting to shut it down. Continue reading “Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor”


White Privilege Status: Checked

The Forgotten Man by Jon McNaughton

It would seem white Americans have been checking their privilege perhaps a bit too much in recent times.

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French Election: Le Pen Supporters Get The Trump Treatment


The tactics being deployed by globalists and leftists against Le Pen and Front National supporters are exactly the same as those used to oppose Brexit and Trump. Here are some parallels (and warning signs for Le Pen supporters to look out for), plus a quick who’s who of the French election for anyone getting up to speed.

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The migrant camp Grande-Synthe, near Dunkerque in Northern France burnt to the ground from clashes between migrant groups

As reported in French at RFI (translated to English) the migrant camp of Grande-Synthe in Northern France housing around 1500 mainly Iraqi Kurds; was ravaged by a fire leaving little standing last Monday night (April 10).
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CNN’s Crimes Against The Truth

The term “fake news” was coined to discredit information shared on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Global info overlords Google, Facebook, and Twitter claim to be concerned about the sudden rise of fake news on their platforms, but it’s nothing new. To most people, fake news is obviously fake. Or is it? Continue reading “CNN’s Crimes Against The Truth”

Australia’s False Gun Narrative

Like clockwork, after every mass shooting in the States, liberals across the world jump at the opportunity to chastise America and point to Australia as the great bastion of gun control. The left will vocally cry out and ironically cite public safety as the reason for America to adopt Australia’s draconian gun laws without ever stopping to consider the implications. If the public doesn’t have access to guns, then they can’t murder each other and therefore everyone is inherently safer; or so the narrative goes. After all, we haven’t had a mass shooting since 1996, so, as a nation, we are now safer, right?

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