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Australia’s False Gun Narrative

Like clockwork, after every mass shooting in the States, liberals across the world jump at the opportunity to chastise America and point to Australia as the great bastion of gun control. The left will vocally cry out and ironically cite public safety as the reason for America to adopt Australia’s draconian gun laws without ever stopping to consider the implications. If the public doesn’t have access to guns, then they can’t murder each other and therefore everyone is inherently safer; or so the narrative goes. After all, we haven’t had a mass shooting since 1996, so, as a nation, we are now safer, right?

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Waleed Aly Just Shut Down Pauline Hanson And It Was Perfection

Waleed Eats Haram Chocolate

Super mega racist Pauline Hanson called for a boycott of Cadbury because the company pays Halal certification fees to get a stamp of approval that says it’s ok for Muslims to eat their products. But check this out…

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Census Triggers SJWs

0According to the latest Census results, the “typical” Aussie is a married 38 year old, woman born in Australia to married, heterosexual parents. She completed high school, has two children of her own (with a biologically male husband), and lives in a three bedroom home in which she does between 5 and 14 hours of housework per week.

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