Could It Be Time To Admit HuffPo Is Racist?

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The Ministry of –Truth– Google

Last Friday as seen in the Daily Caller, Google added a new feature to their well known search engine.

This feature helps users fact check news stories or claims to help combat “fake news,” by presenting the user with a first result article summarized with the claim, who made this claim and the verdict. The fact-checking for Google is almost exclusively done by Snopes and PolitiFact.

Sounds great right? Well you could be wrong.

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Ayaan: Too Haram For Australia

AyaanSomali-born, ex-Muslim writer, politician, and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali was due to visit Australia and New Zealand this month for a series of talks about her persecution as an infidel, heretic, and apostate. Naturally, her anti-theocratic stance is at odds with the Allah-loving left and their violent Muslim allies.

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