Could It Be Time To Admit HuffPo Is Racist?

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University of Sydney Union Bans Film

maxresdefaultWhen feminist filmmaker Cassie Jaye set out to investigate the Men’s Rights Movement, she probably should have expected feminists would be the most vicious critics of the resulting film, The Red Pill. Now the University of Sydney is clutching its pearls too.

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Census Triggers SJWs

0According to the latest Census results, the “typical” Aussie is a married 38 year old, woman born in Australia to married, heterosexual parents. She completed high school, has two children of her own (with a biologically male husband), and lives in a three bedroom home in which she does between 5 and 14 hours of housework per week.

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7 Reasons Modern Feminism Is A Shit-show

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  1. In a Western Liberal democracy, strong, independent women don’t scapegoat the other half of the population for their lot in life but take responsibility for their own choices.
  2. Strong, independent women seek equal treatment not special treatment.
  3. Strong, independent women don’t reflexively cry “sexism” any time they experience the criticism or set-backs that everyone sometimes suffers in life.
  4. Strong, independent women don’t celebrate ripping their own flesh and blood from their womb as “empowering”.
  5. Strong, independent women refuse to participate in the oppression Olympics where competitors vie for the title of the biggest “victim”.
  6. Strong, independent women don’t fall for the lie that an ideology that incorporates child brides, female genital mutilation and compulsory covering of their bodies is compatible with feminism.
  7. Strong, independent women don’t blame modern men for the gender inequality that was once the status quo in the western world, but instead are grateful for the first feminists who fought for the equality we now enjoy.