Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor

Last week a huge coalition of American patriots rallied in Berkeley to defend free speech. It’s no surprise communist militia AntiFa were on the scene attempting to shut it down. Continue reading “Berkeley Attacker Alleged To Be SFSU Professor”


Silence! Twitter Continues Arbitrary Suspensions

C82WiZcVwAAvEEDConsidering Twitter, Facebook, Google, and a few others control the entire world’s flow of information, we must ask if big tech platforms have too much power over what we can and can’t access.

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The Great Divide

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Choose your fighter, Australia

Society is splitting into two camps. This is more than the petty left/right dichotomy of yore, when a mundane disagreement over policy placed you firmly somewhere on the spectrum with little to no social cost. This is a divide between globalists and nationalists, as evidenced by the two greatest political events of our age (so far): Brexit and Trump.

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Ayaan: Too Haram For Australia

AyaanSomali-born, ex-Muslim writer, politician, and activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali was due to visit Australia and New Zealand this month for a series of talks about her persecution as an infidel, heretic, and apostate. Naturally, her anti-theocratic stance is at odds with the Allah-loving left and their violent Muslim allies.

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