French Election: Le Pen Supporters Get The Trump Treatment


The tactics being deployed by globalists and leftists against Le Pen and Front National supporters are exactly the same as those used to oppose Brexit and Trump. Here are some parallels (and warning signs for Le Pen supporters to look out for), plus a quick who’s who of the French election for anyone getting up to speed.

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Could It Be Time To Admit HuffPo Is Racist?

In response to an opinion article by Shelley Garland titled “Could it be time to deny white men the franchise?” published by the Huffington Post. Continue reading “Could It Be Time To Admit HuffPo Is Racist?”

CNN’s Crimes Against The Truth

The term “fake news” was coined to discredit information shared on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Global info overlords Google, Facebook, and Twitter claim to be concerned about the sudden rise of fake news on their platforms, but it’s nothing new. To most people, fake news is obviously fake. Or is it? Continue reading “CNN’s Crimes Against The Truth”

Australian Military Chief On Gender Diversity Warpath

Former Chief of Army David Morrison dons her high heels to protest violence, 2016

The Australian military is fighting an internal war it shouldn’t have entered in the first place. Tyrannical political correctness ensures gender diversity continues to be prioritised over skill and merit. According to Australian military defence chief, Air Chief Marshal Mark Binskin, gender diversity is essential to the future success of the military. Really? 

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Myki Mess Is Labor’s Shame. Still

Screen Shot 2017-04-06 at 9.35.49 am

When Myki was introduced by Melbourne Metro back in 2008 there was an air of excitement for a long overdue modernisation of public transport in Victoria. The technology, by then widely used in other first world countries, promised to simplify and speed up the daily commute. RightofB tears Labor a new one.

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F#*ck Off We’re Full

High Desnity living here...
This is the future comrades want

The Sydney Morning Homosexual wants you to just STFU about housing affordability already. In the 3 April 2017 article titled, “How crowded is your suburb? How Australian neighbourhoods compare to the world”, Inga Ting compares the Homebush Bay-Silverwater precinct to New York and a few other Sydney metro regions with global counterparts vis-à-vis density. It’s a screamer.

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